Private Tour to El Valle de Anton

Private Day Tour to El Valle de Anton


This tour starts from the Coronado area or from Panama City. If the tour starts in the city our first stop will be to purchase delicious empanadas and accompany them with natural juices. All the people visiting the interior coming from Panama City over the weekend usually stop at these kiosks to enjoy the delicious tastes of what they normally do not find while living in the city.
While our driver is on the route to El Valle de Anton, our guide will begin their explanation which starts from the village of LAS UVAS. Here you will learn more about the different businesses that help the locals generate income by selling their handmade crafts, fruits, vegetables, and plants. The main reason they set up along the main road is because many people from the city have weekend homes in El Valle de Anton so when they frequent on the weekends they buy from the stands throughout the main road on their way up, by doing so they help the locals generate income and it brightens the ride up the mountain with their colorful products. As we are driving towards El Valle de Anton you cannot miss the beautiful mountains that welcome us as we start arriving.

El Valle de Anton is located 588 meters above sea level.
Once we arrive at the crater of the extinct volcano, which is where the village is located. Our driver and guide will take you to visit the different points of interest where you will have the opportunity to swim in clear waters of natural pools, you’ll also be able to walk the trails and observe the fauna and flora in its natural habitat. Your guide will tell you all about the magical history of the Sleeping Indian and point out the best places for you to take excellent photographs.

Then we will go to the Magical World of Butterflies, a must stop for young and older visitors, here you will be able to appreciate and learn more about them. At this point if your tour started from Coronado, it is time to stop for our empanadas as a small snack.

Finishing the visit to the town of El Valle de Anton, we will take you by its famous handmade crafts market, where you will without a doubt want to take a small souvenir back with you, but not before reaching the top of the village so that you can enjoy the panoramic view of the crater of El Valle de Anton to what once was a volcano.

Tour Price from Coronado

1 – $184.00/person, $184.00 total
2 – $92.00/person, $184.00 total
3 – $92.00/person, $276.00 total
4 – $86.25/person, $345.00 total
5 – $80.50/person, $402.50 total
6 – $77.05/person, $462.30 total
7 – $74.75/person, $523.25 total
8 – $72.45/person, $579.60 total
9 – $71.30/person, $641.70 total
10 – $67.85/person, $678.50 total
11 – $67.85/person, $746.35 total
12 – $66.70/person, $800.40 total
13 – $65.55/person, $852.15 total
14 – $64.40/person, $901.60 total
15 – $64.40/person, $966.00 total


What you should bring  
  • Camera, hat, sunscreen,
  • Cash
  • • Swimsuit and towel.
    • We also suggest a dry set of clothes for the trip back (there is a possibly
    • We also suggest a dry set of clothes for the trip back (there is a possibly you may get wet even if you don’t go for a swim).you may get wet even if you don’t go for a swim).
Included in the price
  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation there and back
  • Refreshments in the bus  (Beer, Water, Coca Cola, Canada dry)
    feel free to bring your special drink, we put it in the cooler for you
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch $20 to $30
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