Frequently Asked Questions

Basic information

  • Where are you located?

    Gorgona Beach Plaza, Gorgona, Republica de Panama

    Google Maps

  • What are your business hours?

    Mon-Fri: 09:00am - 06:00pm

    Sat: 09:00am - 01:00pm

    Sun: Closed

  • How can I contact you?

    We have a dedicated ‚ÄúTalk with us‚ÄĚ button on our page.
    You can contact us using this button free of charge, without installing any additional app or software.

    Other contact methods:

  • What to do if I need Support?

    As registered customer, you have access to our support ticket system.

    You will find all your support ticket, as well as the option to open new support ticket, in your ‘My Account' area.

    We do our best to process your support ticket in a reasonable time, within our Business Hours.


  • Do I need to register to make an order?


    There are many benefits if you register.

    • start collecting loyalty points, which in turn can be used to get discount on your next orders
    • you will see all your orders in ‚ÄėMy Account' page
    • no need to fill the billing address every time you make an order
    • you can use Biometric login like fingerprint or FaceID, same way you do with your phone (subject to device capabilities)
  • How do I register?

    Head to Login and register.

  • Is my account secure?

    We do our best to protect you account, but can only do as much as you allow us.

    Best practice is to  make sure you use a good password, and do not reuse password from your other logins.

    Here, a good password manager can help.


    Following industry standard best practices, we offer you the option

    - to enable 2FA authentication ( every 30s changing number sequence) you might be familiar from your banking app or other web sites.

    - or use Biometric login, like you do when you unlock your phone


    Just go to 'My Account' and there you find the option to enable and configure 2FA authentication security.


    We would appreciate you helping us to secure your date and use this highly secure option.


    I want to learn more about 2FA

    I want ti learn more about Biometric security.


  • Can I place my reservation without paying online?


    To have a Valid and Confirmed reservation, it must be payed for in full.

    Only then you receive a Confirmation email.

    Orders not payed for within 30 minutes of creation will be automatically canceled.

  • Is it safe to use my Credit Card to pay?


    We do not store any credit card information in our system.

    Our Payment Processing Partner ‚Äď PagueloFacil ‚Äď validates your card with your bank in real time, and we just receive a OK or NOT OK answer.

    PagueloFacil is an established Panama based Payment Processing Company, used by many well known commercial companies in Panama, as well as by government institutions like Sertracen (driving licenses renewals for example).

  • Which Credit Cards do you accept?

    VISA and MasterCard.

    Please do not use cards like Chase, Diner's Club, Starbucks, Home Depot, or other niche cards, they will not work. 

    Apple Pay, Google Pay or Amazon Pay are also not supported, as they are only available for businesses registered in USA.

  • Why did my payment fail?

    Credit card payments is a complex topic. So there is no "One Universal Answer" to this.

    Payments fail for a number of reasons which include:

    0. MOST COMMON REASON is that you entered wrong information. Maybe you skipped a number, or entered wrong Card Holder Name, or wrong expiration date, or wrong CVV number (the 3 or 4 control validation numbers on the back of your card).

    1. A credit card has reached the limit:  A customer card can be declined if it has reached the credit limit. For example, the daily limit.

    2. Charge exceeds the maximum allowed: Some cards have limits when it comes to maximum charges allowed for a single charge. If the amount is higher, definitely the transaction will fail.

    3. Card not authorized to accept charges from online sources: Not all credit cards facilitate online transactions. Your customers can always talk with their credit card companies to authorize those charges.

    4. Card not authorized to allow international charges: Again, if a customer is using a card that does not allow international charges, then the transaction will fail.

    5. Expired card: No way an expired card will facilitate payment.

    6. Wrong credit card number: Entering the wrong credit card number will automatically generate errors.

    7. Wrong bill address: While not a major cause, in some cases, if the address you used for the transaction does not match those the credit company has, errors will be returned.

    8. Account has been closed: If the bank without noticed closed the credit card account, the transaction will not also go through.

    9. Account flagged: When an account is flagged as unsafe or unrecognized, the card will also be declined. Unusual spending habit is one thing that can result in a purchaser account been flagged. 

  • What to do if my payment failed?

    Try again.

    Failed orders are visible in ‚ÄėMy Account' page, and payment can be re-tried.

    Double check the information you enter, maybe you skipped a number, entered wrong expiration date, misspelled card holder name or mistyped the CVV (3 or 4 control value numbers on the back of the card).

    You can also try to use another supported (VISA or MC) Card.

    Call your bank and find out why you keep getting the errors. 

    Sometimes the bank could be blocking payments because of unsuspicious transactions. If that is the case, tell the bank you are dealing with a trustworthy merchant.

    Failed orders are automatically canceled after 2 hours of creation.

    Please do new order if this case.

  • How does your refund process work?

    Refunds can only be issued for orders with ‚ÄėCancelation Request' status.

     Once, your Cancelation Request has been reviewed and approved by our staff, refund is initiated.

    This can take up to 10 business days, so please be patient.

    Refunded amount (full or partial), is by default credited in our system integrated Wallet, if you made the order as registered and logged in customer.

    Refunded sum depends on the time you submitted your ‚ÄėCancelation Request' for your order.¬†

    Cancellations policies apply.

    • If you cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to departure/ arrival you will get a 100% refund.
    • If you cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to departure/arrival you will get a 50% refund.
    • If cancellation is made the same day there will be no refund.
  • If my airline cancels or changed the flight, do I get full refund?

    As stated in our Terms and Conditions, our cancelation policies apply.
    See also the Q&A above.

    Many Credit Cards have a Trip Cancellation Insurance. Please check with your Credit Card issuer about their Terms and Conditions.

    Trip cancellation insurance usually covers non-refundable prepaid travel expenses if your trip is canceled or interrupted due to unexpected events. As with any type of insurance, though, you can bet that there are plenty of conditions. Don't expect to get any money back if, for example, you simply change your mind and want to cancel your plans. Rather, trip cancellation insurance is meant to kick in when unforeseen circumstances arise and make it impossible to start or continue your trip. Here are the general outlines of trip cancellation insurance, though the exact coverage will vary by card.

    Get ready to do some legwork! As with sending in a car or health insurance claim, filing a trip cancellation claim requires you to provide plenty of supporting information. The good news is, many credit cards have made it easier to file a trip cancellation claim directly online.

    1. Call your credit card issuer. The first thing you should do is call your credit card company's customer service line and ask how to file a claim. The sooner you do this, the better.
    2. Submit your evidence. Once you log in to your credit card's claims site using your card number, you will have to complete a form outlining what happened. This might include listing the reasons for canceling, the dates of your trip, flight and hotel confirmation numbers, and whether you have any other insurance plans in place. You usually have to provide the receipts for expenses you need reimbursed, and if you have a medical reason for canceling, be prepared to provide proof of doctor or hospital visits as well as a note from your doctor. Finally, gather any credit card statements with eligible charges on them to submit as well.
    3. Stick to deadlines. Most trip cancellation policies require you to submit your claim within a certain time frame after your plans changed. If the insurance administrator asks for more supporting materials, you will usually have to submit them within 90 days, or as soon as reasonably possible, for your claim to remain active.
    4. Check on the claim's progress. Once you submit a completed claim and your supporting materials, the claim will typically be resolved pretty rapidly. Don't be afraid to check in every week, though, and if you are asked for more information, provide it as quickly as possible.

    More information about Credit Card Travel Insurance.


  • How far in advance can I book?

    You can book up to 90 days in advance.

  • What is the deadline time for booking?

    Orders must be placed at least 24 hour in advance.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    Sorry, but we had to implement NO CASH policy.

    To make life easier for our customers, saving them fees and time spent at ATM, starting Sept 1st, 2022, we decided to only accept Credit and Debit cards.

  • How much time do I have to make the payment for my order?

    Our system keeps unpaid orders for 30 minutes.

    Then, if it is still not payed for, order is automatically canceled.

    You will get 2 reminders in case your order is not paid, before our system automatically cancels your unpaid order.

  • What to do if I do not pay on time?

    You will need to make a new reservation in this case.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes. you can.

    You need to initiate ‚ÄėCancelation Request' from ‚ÄėMy Account' page of using the¬†Cancel Request link in your email, if you made the order as Guest. 

    Once, your Cancelation Request has been reviewed by our staff, refund process will be initiated.

    Cancellations policies apply.

    • If you cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to departure/ arrival you will get a 100% refund.
    • If you cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to departure/arrival you will get a 50% refund.
    • If cancellation is made the same day there will be no refund.
  • Failed order, what to do?

    You see all your orders with corresponding statuses in 'My Account' page.

    If order is in 'Failed' or 'Pending Payment' status, a Pay button is visible.

    You can try to repeat the payment for this order using other credit or debit card.

     Once, order is successfully payed, it will go into 'Processing' status, and your booking is confirmed and a confirmation email with booking details is sent to your email address.

  • Can I change an order once it is paid and confirmed?


    Once, your order is placed, you can only cancel it and make a new order, in case of any changes in your plans.

    Once again, modifications to existing orders are NOT POSSIBLE.

  • Do I get an invoice?


    After your order has been completed, and you receive an email with Invoice. 

    Also, invoice for each order is available for you to download in ‚ÄėMy Account‚Äė page.

  • Where do I see all my orders?

    You can find all your orders, with corresponding statuses (Processing, Canceled, Failed, Payment Pending, Cancelation Requested) in 'My Account' page.

  • I placed my order before Sept 1st. Do I need to do anything?


    Reservations made before Sept 1st are in the system.

    They will be honored and fulfilled with the prices and payment option (Cash Payment) selected during check out.

    Payment method changes and updated fees only affect new reservations.


  • What password should I use?

    Complicated one.

    Use a password manager to store and manage your password.

    Many devices have already password manager built in, but you can also use 3rd party password managers like 1password.

    You can check how secure your password is for example here.

  • What else do you do to protect my account?

    We do all what we can.

    Security is a complex topic, and usually more security means less user friendliness of the user interface.
    Some of the features we have implemented are:

    • Using industry standard best practices and software
    • Keep our system Up To Date with latest versions and patches of all used plugins
    • Brute Force attack protection and mitigation using on of the industry leading 3rd party services, including blacklists of known malicious actors
    • Spam protection using using on of the industry leading 3rd party services
    • Account lock out periods, where after specific unsuccessful logins, account gets locked for extended period of time
    • 2FA
    • Reporting and alerting

Loyalty points

  • What are Loyalty points?

    We appreciate you as a valued customer. 
    This is why we introduced Loyalty Points system.

    The more you drive with us, the more points you collect.

    You can use these points to pay for your future bookings.


    You need to be a registered customer (create an account) to benefit from Loyalty Points.

  • Do my Loyalty points expire?


  • Do I get Loyalty points when I top up my Wallet?


    Loyalty points are not credited for wallet top ups.

  • Did I lose my accumulated loyalty points after Sept 1st?

    Loyalty points system is not affected by the changes made on Sept 1st. 

    You can use the points for new orders and of course, you keep collecting new points for every new order you make.


  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we do.
    Contact us for more details.

  • How does the affiliate program work?

    It's simple.

    You refer a customer, who makes order using your affiliate link.

    Once, this order is completed, you get a commission.

    And you for following up to  12 months you earn commission on any order your referral makes and completes.

  • What is my commission if I refer someone?

    If someone books using your affiliate link or affiliate coupon code, you receive a commission after this order is completed.

    The percentage can range from 0.5% up to 5%.

  • Where do I find my affiliate details?

    If you are registered as an affiliate, you can visit your Affiliate Portal.

    There you find all information about your referrals, commission and your affiliate links which you can use in your posts and pages.

    As an affiliate, you can generate up to 10 'slugs', links that you can customize and use in different places.

    For example one 'slug' can be used in your Facebook posts, and another 'slug' in your Twitter posts. And another 'slug' in emails you send  out.

  • Can I earn commission on my own orders?


    Affiliates do not earn commissions on their own orders.

    Only orders made and completed by your referrals are eligible for affiliate commission.

  • How long do I get commission for every purchase my referral makes?

    12 months

    From the point our referral make a booking, you get commission for every booking from your referral made in the next up to 12 months.

    Terms and conditions apply.

  • When do I receive my commission?

    If you are an affiliate, your commission is credited to your account once your referral's order is marked as Completed in our system.

Prepay Wallet

  • What is the Wallet payment option I see?

    To save your time and make the order process more easier for registered and logged in customers, we have introduced a wallet system.

    You can top up your wallet in advance and select this pre-pay credit as the payment method during check out.

    You can see your Wallet in 'My account' page.
    There is your currently available balance on left, option to top up your wallet balance on top.

    Below, you will find detailed list of all your transactions within your wallet.

    Another function of our integrated wallet is the possibility to send or request from another registered user of our page. 

  • Can I combine my Prepaid Wallet Balance with Credit card?


    In case you do not have enough prepaid balance in you Wallet, you can combine the payment with Credit Card Payment.

    Just select "Use Wallet", the applicable wallet balance will market in the order, and you just pay the outstanding sum with your credit card.


    Prepaid wallet balance was $10, Order value was $92. After using my prepaid wallet balance, the outstanding sum to pay with the credit card is $82.

    <img class="aligncenter wp-image-15536 size-full" src="" alt="" width="634" height="1280" />

  • Why should I prepay my Wallet in advance?

    Glad you asked.

    As a registered customer, you have the possibility to use prepaid wallet balance as a method of payment for your future trips and transportation.

    First, this saves your time and the need to put the credit card information it every time. 

    But there is more.

    If you prepay your wallet balance in advance, you get REWARDED with real money.

    Yes, you get money for spending money.
    Crazy, right?!

    Prepay Wallet Top Ups are rewarded according to this table:

    $0 - $999 - 0%
    $1000 - $1999 - 1%
    $2000 - $2999 - 2%
    $3000 - $3999 - 3%
    $4000 - $4999 - 4%
    $5000 or more - 5%


    I top up my Prepay Wallet with $1000. I get a reward of 1%, which is in this case $10.
    So in my wallet, I see $1010 I can use for my future bookings.

    Let's calculate a $5000 prepay Wallet Top Up.
    $5000 prepay top up is eligible for a 5% reward.
    This translates to $250!
    So in my wallet, I see $5250 I can use for my future bookings.

    How great is that?!

    And no, we are not crazy ūüôā
    We just want you to know, we value you as our loyal customer.

  • Can I get refund for Prepay Wallet Top Up?


    Wallet Top Up is a prepay operation, similar to mobile phone top up or Amazon or Apple pre-pay card top up.

    You can use your pre paid wallet balance to book tour or transportation within our system.


  • Why do I see donation option during Check Out?

    Services Coronado has an ongoing partnership with Animal Rescue of Antón.

    Part of every order you make, we donate to this Animal Rescue station.

    You are welcome to join us in our efforts.

    Donations are voluntary.