Shared Tour to Portobelo Town and Portobelo Beach Day in Caribbean

Shared Day Tour to Portobelo Town and Portobelo Beach Day in Caribbean


Portobelo is located 3 hours from Coronado, so we must leave very early to take advantage of the day, recommended time to leave (6:30 AM from Coronado) to arrive at the town of Portobelo at 09:30 AM. Where we will tour the picturesque town of Portobelo to learn about its history and importance since the time of the Spanish conquest in our lands, we will visit the ruins of what was once a military fort to protect the customs that guarded the gold and wealth. We will walk along its cobblestone road until we reach the famous church of the Black Christ of Portobelo, where thousands of pilgrims come every year to ask for miracles that are granted and therefore the popularity of the black Christ with his penetrating gaze among the Panamanians.

Then we will take our vehicle again and we will go to the port to take the boat that will take us to a beautiful island of crystalline waters where according to the weather we can snorkel, during your enjoyment our staff will prepare some snacks based on tropical fruits, and antipasto to please our customers.

At this point you are already amazed with the beauty of the place, but we still have much more to show you and you will have the opportunity to discover the magic that hides its mangroves, its fauna and protected flora is simply magical, and in the middle of the ocean we will give another 30 minute stop so you can swim in a crystal clear natural pool and have the best photos with the lush landscape behind you.

Our staff will have a cooler to refresh our clients. The recommended time to leave the islands is 4:30 PM, but this is not over yet…. We want you to have now a cultural experience and have a beautiful dinner (dinner and drinks are not included) watching the sunset in the Caribbean is a long day because we will arrive to Coronado at approximately 10:00 PM but the experience in the Caribbean with us is worth it.

Tour Timetable

  • 06:30 a.m. Departure from our office in Gorgona Beach Plaza
  • 09:30 a.m. Arrival at Portobelo Town
    Depending on traffic conditions, we should arrive at our destination at that time.
  • 09:30 a.m. Breakfast
  • 10:30 a.m. Boat ride to Portobelo Bay, Portobelo Forts, Church of the Black Jesus
  • 12:00 p.m. Arrival on the island
  • 12:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m. Beach Time on the island
  • 04:30 p.m. Departure from the island
  • 05:15 p.m. Arrival at the local restaurant, dinner, Caribbean sunset watching
  • 06:30 p.m. Departure
  • 10:00 p.m. Arrival at Coronado Area.
    Depending on traffic conditions, we should arrive at Coronado area at that time.
Tour Price from Coronado


What you should bring  
  • Camera, hat, sunscreen,
  • sports clothing, sneakeror light comfortable shoes to walk
  • Water shoes
  • Fresh extra set of clothes
  • Towels
  • Swimsuit
  • Cash
What you should NOT bring 
  • Sandals and jewelry.
Included in the price
  • Guide
  • Transportation there and back
  • Boat roundtrip
  • Snacks at the beach prepared by our staff
  • Snacks and Drinks in the bus

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