Monkey Island and the Gamboa Cableway



Hourly Schedule


8:00 am - 09:00 am
Pick Up in Coronado Area
Pick up of the attendees, different locations in the Coronado area.
10:30 am
Arrival at hotel Gamboa
Depending on traffic conditions, we should arrive at our destination
1:30 pm
Lunch Time
3:30 pm
Arrival time in Gamboa Port
5:00 pm
Departure time from Gamboa Port
7:00 pm
Return to Coronado Area
Depending on traffic conditions, we should arrive at our destination
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Shared Day Trip from Coronado Area


On this tour you will have the opportunity to appreciate how natural and beautiful Panama is, you will see its greenery in its natural essence. We will start the tour from 8:30 am and we will go to the Gamboa Hotel and Resort, we will know the history of the town that surrounds it and we will know why the hotel took the architectural design of the Tivoli Hotel.

To start our day there is nothing better than taking a ride on the cableway, where we will be transported to the treetops and see the majestic Gatun Lake, we will surely have the opportunity to see birds in their environment, untethered.

When we get off the cableway we will start a short easy level walk to appreciate the orchids, butterflies and sloths in the sanctuary that has been created for us to get to know them.

Then we will go to enjoy a delicious lunch enjoying the view of Gatun Lake and then aboard a boat, we will take a pleasant ride on the waters of the lake, enjoying the scenery of Panama and watching the huge ships that cross the canal to reach Monkey Island.

In the surrounding mangrove area we will admire the natural richness of the jungle and interact with the numerous primates that have their habitat here: white-faced capuchins, howlers, tamarinds and night monkeys. Maybe you will be able to see one of them!

From the boat we can discover other species that live around Monkey Island such as sloths, toucans and even turtles and alligators.



  • Camera, hat, sunscreen,
  • sports clothing, water shoes or sandals
  • Also bring a dry set of clothes for the trip back (we do not allow passengers with wet clothing in our vehicles)


  • jewelry


  • Transportation roundtrip
  • Entraces
  • Lunch
  • Drinks in the Bus
  • Tour Guide