Integrated Prepay Wallet

To make your booking experience more easier, we have introduced a Prepay Wallet System.

You can top up our Prepay Wallet in advance, and use your balance later to book transportation and tours without the need to enter your credit card details.

You can find details and make a top up of your Prepay Wallet in your ‘My Account' page.

But there is more!

If you prepay your wallet balance in advance, you get REWARDED with real money.

Prepay Wallet Top Ups are rewarded according to this table:

$0 – $999 – 0%
$1000 – $1999 – 1%
$2000 – $2999 – 2%
$3000 – $3999 – 3%
$4000 – $4999 – 4%
$5000 or more – 5%

You can read more about your Prepay Wallet in our FAQ section.

Note: Prepay Wallet Top Up is a prepay operation, similar to mobile phone top up or Amazon or Apple pre-pay card top up. Prepay Wallet Top Ups are non-refundable.